The Lab

Gentle Dental has their own on-site lab. This means faster Labturnaround times and no travelling to other Labs in Geelong or Melbourne. Everything can be done in-house, saving you time and money.

The Lab services include:

Crown & Bridge

  • Implant crown
  • Porcelain Fused to Metal
  • Cast Gold Restorations
  • Precision Attachments


  • L.R.A
  • Upper/lower Hawley Retainer
  • NTI splint
  • Occlusal splint (Michigan)
  • Hard/soft splint (versacryl)
  • M.D.S.A. sleep appliance
  • Proform sleep appliance
  • Orthodontic study models-(polished/named)


  • Bleach tray
  • Invisible retainer
  • Implant Stent
  • Partial Stent
  • Temp crown Stent
  • Mouthguards
  • Articulated mouthguard


  • Chrome cobalt – full cast palate
  • Full mesh palate
  • Laser welding
  • Cr-Co Partial lower / upper


  • Implant retained
  • Full upper and lower
  • Full lower
  • Full upper

Partials (finished in acrylic)

  • 1 – 12 teeth


  • Soft liner on new denture
  • Upper/lower rebase/remodel
  • Upper/lower reline
  • Standard repair
  • Repair bond (metafast)
  • Special tray
  • Study model
    Study model diagnostic

Gentle Dental’s Lab Employs only the most experienced, professional lab technicians who take pride in producing efficient / quality appliances at affordable prices, using only the best materials and products available.

Crown & bridge

Gentle Dental have set a new benchmark in quality and precision of crown, crown-iamgebridge and ceramics. Our process ensures the highest standard in aesthetics, accuracy and fitting.

Gentle Dental guarantees a harmonious working relationship with the dentist, patient and ceramist. Using high quality materials in our new state of the art crown and bridge department – rest assured we will provide the best quality outcome.

Chrome & prosthetics

Gentle Dental offers a full range of acrylic and metal partials and full image
Featuring life like aesthetics and unrivalled impact strength across our full range: from bilateral castings to retained over dentures. Patients can relax knowing our experienced technicians deliver optimum fit and comfort every time.

Orthodontics & thermoform

Gentle Dental specialised technicians provide industry leading orthodontics, ortho imagesplints and snoring appliances.

All orthodontics are durable and comfortable made to exacting standards ensuring patient satisfaction. M.D.S.A and Proform sleep appliances are universally effective and non invasive.

Theroform products provide maximum comfort and flexibility.